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First PH Cycle, Please Take a look?

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    First PH Cycle, Please Take a look?

    Hello all, new to these forums and after the proper research and good friends who have seen results I decided to try this PH stack, I'm 26 with a good diet and 166 lbs. so any advice on what I listed is greatly appreciated!

    Week 1-4:
    Super DMZ 2.0 2x daily
    4-Andro by IML 2x daily with DMZ
    Organ Shield by Purus Labs
    Anabolic Matrix Rx by IML

    Week 5-8:
    Recycle PCT by Purus Labs
    Eliminate by Olympus Labs
    Organ Shield/Restore
    Clomid 50/50/35/25

    2 main questions I have is:

    1) is it best to start taking the eliminate and the clomid at the same time starting at week 5? Or should I just run the organ shield and PCTwith clomid at first and then at a certain point start the E-Blocker?

    2) I read a lot about users overdoing the clomid dosage and getting a lot of sides from the clomid, considering the potency of SDMZ, would 50/50/35/25 be adequate?

    Thanks for any info or advice !!
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    First PH Cycle Please Take a

    I dont care about your first aid kit. It wont do any thing for me and mine. BUT as for my first aid kit, it is excellent
    Успехов вам! пожалуйста зацените мой канал если не трудно =)

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    166 lbs. What is your height?

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