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super trenabol cycle

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    super trenabol cycle

    hi, ive been running a super trenabol cycle for 11 days now For the first four days i was only takin two a day, now i am taking 3, i am a big guy. 6'3, 215lbs,. i have seen some bulking and cutting in my arms. how long until i see some real results ?.. i have a good estro blocker too, so im good there... fist time taking it, like i said im seeing results, but nothing like some reviews ive seen online... anyone got some good info or advice for me ?..also,, been going hard on ab day + my diet is good, but haven't seen much results in that area

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    Usually around 2-3 weeks is when you'll really feel it man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D-NUTZ View Post
    Usually around 2-3 weeks is when you'll really feel it man.
    This. Give it another week and you'll probably notice a significant difference. For me Super Tren is one of those compounds that the longer I'm on, the better it gets.

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    Like mentioned, 2-3wks. When it starts pumping on all 8 you'll know,

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